The Global Rewilding Alliance is accelerating and mobilizing the power of people working together to rewild the Earth and stabilize the climate, halt mass extinction, and reduce the risks of new pandemics.


A world where restored wildlands provide and secure a future for people and the planet.



We harness the power of people working together to restore and protect nature and stabilize our climate.


People x (Healthy Nature + Stable Climate)


In order to preserve what is left of wild, intact and functioning ecosystems we need to protect all that is left. But this will not be enough to conserve biodiversity, let alone meeting the challenges of the climate emergency. The world is slowly waking up to understanding the urgency and the need to radically reduce the human footprint on Earth and to restore degraded and semi-natural areas, landscapes and ecosystems.

Rewilding can be seen as an advanced form of restoration. All rewilding is restoration, but not all restoration is rewilding. The main difference is that rewilding looks at the enhancement of resilience and putting in place mechanisms of long-term functionality of nature without human intervention.

The Global Rewilding Alliance is the world’s chief ambassador for the power of rewilding. Our efforts help ensure that rewilding becomes part of the language, policies, and actions of the international community. The international conservation gatherings in 2021 are key opportunities to expand the knowledge that Earth’s ecosystems are fundamental to addressing the climate and extinction emergencies and creating a livable environment for society worldwide.


Interview: Global Rewilding Alliance

Interview: Global Rewilding Alliance

What specific urgent challenges does your project address? What in your past, upbringing or conservation career inspired you to address this challenge at this time? MAGNUS: To create a more livable environment for society worldwide, we must bring a halt to the 6th...

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Nature-Based Solutions

Nature-Based Solutions

BACKGROUND To meet societal challenges, such as climate change, disaster risk reduction, economic and socialdevelopment, human health and water security, and environmental degradation and biodiversityloss, the concept of nature-based solutions (NbS) has been launched....

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Infectious Diseases Report

Infectious Diseases Report

BACKGROUND The transformation of nature, and especially of primary ecosystems, has increased the exposure of humans to pathogens originating in wildlife. Together with the industrialization of food production both on land and in sea and the conversion of land for...

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“Through rewilding – the mass restoration of ecosystems – I see an opportunity to reverse the destruction of the natural world” ~ George Monbiot


When we think of tools that can help us overcome the climate and extinction emergencies, too often we think solely of technology. But all the technology in the world will not add up to a healthier, wilder world if we can’t work together to deploy these solutions and empower others to use them.

The Global Rewilding Alliance is bringing people together from around the world to utilize an powerful and proven tool for change: collaboration and coordination. Through our platform, thousands of people are mobilizing to help others rewild Earth and maximize their own effectiveness.

Are you ready to join them?