Animate the Carbon Cycle

Animate the Carbon Cycle

The GRA is facilitating a high-level group of scientists, economists, and civil society organizations to launch an initiative that will demonstrate the direct impact of nature solutions on solving the climate emergency.

Nature-Based Solutions

Nature-Based Solutions

BACKGROUND To meet societal challenges, such as climate change, disaster risk reduction, economic...

Rewilding Charter

Rewilding Charter

BACKGROUND This Global Charter for Rewilding the Earth was developed by experts within the global...

Animating the Carbon Cycle

Wildlife play an important part in stabilizing the climate emergency and preventing runaway climate change. Below, nine global experts discuss how wildlife are humanity’s allies and partners in the movement to create a better future.

Magnus Sylvén – Rewilding: A Smart Climate Solution

Karl Burkart – How Nature Can Stabilize the Climate: Setting a Clear Restoration for Reaching the 1.5 C Goal

Oswald Schmitz – Animating the Carbon Cycle

Steven Lutz – Ocean Rewilding and Animating the Marine Carbon Cycle

Russell Mittermeier – Setting Priorities for Biodiversity and Climate: the Urgent Need for Action in the Richest and Most Endangered Regions

Kris Tompkins – Reintroducing Keystone Species

Henri Brocklebank – Removing Coastal Trawling: Enabling the Comeback of the Kelp Forests Wildlife and Blue Carbon in the English Channel

Melina Sakiyama – Uniting Nature and Climate: a Youth Movement for Equity, Planet, and Future

Announcement – Launching the First Global Initiative for Rewilding and Climate Change